Certificate error on VMware View android client.

After installing an SSL certificate on a View Security server we could access the view portal and security server without any SSL certificate errors. at least that’s what we thought. With common browsers (like IE 8 and 9) and View clients for Windows and Ipads we could connect without any errors.
When we tried to connect with an Android View client we received the following error.

We have checked the certificate with this tool https://www.sslcertificaten.nl/SSLCheck and all buttons are green :-)

We discovered that the Android client did not have the root certificates installed (in this case verisign V3 root certificate) luckily you can ignore these errors and bypass it with settings in your android client.
Second option is to install the root certificate of the vendor inside you certificate store on your android device.
So you will have to check the vendor of these androids if the root is installed…..!

Maybe this small post will help some people …….

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