Exchange 2010 | remove/disable archive from server or account

If for some reason you don’t want to use Exchange archiving anymore there are some steps you must follow.
Keep in mind that if you disable archiving from a account it will remove the archive and will not place the content of the archive back in the mailbox.

First step is to disable/remove the rention policy of the mailboxes.
You can find it under: Microsoft Exchange | On-Premises | Organisation Configuration | Mailbox | tab Retention policies.
When editing the retention policy you can remove de mailboxes under the tab mailboxes.
After this the retention policy does not affect the mailbox anymore.

Now you can export the archive to a pst file with the following command where account must be de username:
New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox account -IsArchive -FilePath \\server\PST$\account_archive.pst

When this is completed you can use the pst file to import it back into the mailbox with the following command:
New-MailboxImportRequest -FilePath \server\PST$\account_archive.pst -Mailbox account -TargetRootFolder "Archive"
The TargetRootFolder switch will create a folder Archive and punt the content of the PST in that folder.

After this you can safely disable the archive from the mailbox.

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