How to change a requested SSL Certificate voor VMware View

A couple of days ago a customer asked me to install a 3rd party SSL certificate on their VMware view 4.6 security server.

With help of the following website i created and upload the CSR for Tomcat / Java keystore (.jks). After 15 minutes or so we received the certificate in the wrong format. Normally you would receive a certificate in PKCS7 format (.P7) the only one we received is the .crt format.

You could do 2 things. request the right format (hopefully this one is correct) or export the .crt to a usefull format. This is how you could handle the second option 😉

Go to the properties of your certificate and select the tab details. Within this view you should select “Copy to file”. Select “next” inside the wizard. You can now select the export file type (PKCS #7 format) for the certificate. Remember you should use the option to include all certificates in the certification path and press “next”. Enter a name for the new certificate ands press “next” again. Check the specified settings and press the finish button. You should now have an PKCS #7 certificate that you can import into your .JKS keystore without any problems.


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