Show and move “hidden” Arbitration mailboxes in Exchange Server 2010

So, let’s say you have a new installation of Exchange Server and you want to move all mailboxes, including Arbitration, from the default database created during the installation to a new mailbox database.
Here is how to do it…
First of all, if you just try to delete the default database you will get this message:
Stating that the database isn’t empty, even though it does look empty if you do a get-mailbox for the specific database:
Get-Mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 0437693264″

There is a switch that you should use if you want to see all mailboxes, even the “hidden” Arbitration mailboxes:
Get-Mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 0437693264″ –Arbitration
This gives us different result then the first get-mailbox command:
As you can se the database isn’t as empty as we first thought.
To move these mailboxes to the new database you can easily pipe the result of the get-mailbox command and create new move requests for all Arbitration mailboxes:
Get-Mailbox -Database “Mailbox Database 0437693264” -Arbitration | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase MBX-DB-ONE
You can see the result in Recipient Configuration\Move request
Now you can remove Mailbox Database 0437693264.
Don’t forget to delete the files of the removed database 😉

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