Simpel solution to precache App-V packages

There are a lot of different possibilities of implementing a stateless VDI desktop or SBC environment.
We can use a persisstent / persona management disk were we can save some cache files, temp files, user settings or App-V cache for example. There are some things you can try when you want to have App-V cache available on machine (re)boot.

With App-V we can pre populate the cache file and save this file (SFTFS.FSD) inside the image. the downside of this “solution” is that the image base file will grow in size and you loose the advantage of Active Upgrade.

The second option you can try is to implement Read only Cache aka shared cache file. with this solution you pre populate the cache file. place this cache file on a network share or file server and change the registry to make this file read only and readable from a network or fileshare location. see for the entire document how to implement this solution.

A different more simple solution is to pre load the entire cache on computer startup. the following standard App-V executable can be used to accomplish this. %programfiles%\Microsoft application virtualization client\sfttray.exe with the following parameter all applications are fully loaded inside the cache file /loadall.
You can create a startup script or a scheduled task to run this command while booting the windows environment. one thing to consider is under which security context you should configure the scheduled task. a simple domain account (services account) with only domain user right would be sufficient to load all applications into the cache.

I hope this small post can help people out there.


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